Strange Days

David Bowie ... Johnny Cash ... Isaac Hayes ... Gene Simmons … INXS ... Phil Collins ... Lynyrd Skynyrd ... Michael Nesmith ... Aerosmith ... Ray Charles ... Velvet Underground ... the Doors ... Beach Boys ... Steve Cropper ... Iggy Pop ... Billy Idol ... Queen ... Garth Brooks ... Ice-T ... Guns N' Roses ... Sex Pistols
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Founded in 2012 by German media veterans Harold Hannover and Sabine Kleinsberg, with funding from private equity in Europe and distribution through Bertelsmann, Outpost Books aims to bring lovingly curated literary works to discerning entertainment fans worldwide.

Strange Days: The Adventures of a Grumpy Rock 'n' Roll Journalist in Los Angeles marks our premiere North American publication, and we're developing a handful of other fascinating projects with some noted journalists from around the world.

We are not currently accepting any unsolicited submissions. Unfortunately, as a boutique operation, we simply do not (yet) have the resources or staff to handle the influx. We know there are a lot of great literary minds out there, and we’re doing our best to find them, but there are scarcely enough hours in the day for us to get through the manuscripts, proposals and books brought to us by our colleagues and friends. But stay tuned.

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